Terms and Conditions



1. CAPITAL LEGAL SOLUTIONS P. LTD. is the Publisher of this website and other related products (Herein after called The Publisher)


2. All material available on this website legaleagleweb.com is protected by copyright laws.


3. These terms and conditions are also applicable at www.legaleagle.co.in and www.legaleaglespeed.com.


3. This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology


(Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011.


4. The Database used in this website or other products may be used by the persons permitted to do so or by the  purchaser  (Herein  after  called  a  “Member”)  of  the  membership  in  accordance  with  these  Terms  and Conditions and such access and use by the Member or the persons so authorised by him shall constitute an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


5. Your use of a legaleagleweb.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Website") is governed by the terms and conditions  as  contained  in  this  document.  This  User  Agreement  for  the  website  shall  come  into  effect immediately    on    your    acceptance    of    terms    and    conditions    and/or    your    first    log    in    onto www.legaleagleweb.com


6. Thus User Agreement shall continue to remain in force till such time you have a valid subscription to the website.


7. The membership fee paid for user of this website and other related products, is non-refundable.


8. All taxes, fees and duties existing and /or subsequently imposed are to be borne by the Member.


9. The Membership is for the limited purposes of carrying out:


(a) legal research and study in connection with a lawful profession or vocation only


(b) educational research or study,


10. The Member acknowledges and agrees that the copyright in the Database vests solely to the Publisher. The  Publisher  also  holds  ownership  and  copyright  in  the  software  used  to  run  the  Service  and  any  other software created by it for this purpose.


11. This Membership is not a sale of the original or of any copy of the contents of the Database and nothing in the Membership is to be construed as granting or otherwise transferring to the Member any copyrights or ownership  interest  whatsoever  in  the  Database.  Except  for  personal  use  and  in  accordance  with  the

permitted   purposes,   taking   out   extracts   from   the   database   or   making   copies   thereof,   their   sale   or republication in any manner whatsoever is prohibited.


12. The storage of the extracts from the database in any other retrieval system or transmission in any form by any means is also prohibited.


13. The Member shall not (and shall not permit any third party to):


(a)  remove,  obliterate,  conceal  or  obscure  any  copyright  notice  or  other  proprietary  notices contained  in  the  Database  or  use  the  Database  in  any  way  that  infringes  the  copyrights  or  other proprietary interests in the same;


(b)  modify,  adapt,  or  make  any  alterations,  additions or  amendments,  translate,  reverse  engineer, decompile  or  disassemble  the  Database  or  the  software  used  to  run  it  or  create  derivative  works based on them, other than to the extent permitted by applicable laws; (c) combine the whole or any part of the Database with any other software, data or material.


14. The Publisher may, in their sole discretion, in the following cases can cancel the membership: (a) violation of the terms and conditions, or

(b) any misuse or overuse of the database by the Member, its employees, partners, associates, and agents, and no part of the membership fee would be refundable.


15. While  all  reasonable  care  has  been  taken  to  ensure  accuracy  and  completeness  of  the  Database,  the Publisher  shall  not  be  liable  in  any  manner  for  any  mistake  or  omission  in  the  Database  or  for  any  action taken  or  omitted  to  be  taken  or  advice  rendered  or  accepted  on  the  basis  of  the  Database  or  for  any consequential loss or inconvenience arising therefrom.


16. The Member acknowledges and agrees that the Database is to be used only as a reference aid and is not intended to be a substitute for the exercise of professional judgment by the Authorised User(s).


17.  The  Member  further  agrees  that  it  shall  not  base  any  commercial  decisions  on  the  contents  of  the database without independent verification of the same.


18. Neither the Publisher nor its agents shall be liable for failure to perform their obligations if the failures result from an act of God, an act of Government, other authorities or statutory undertakings, fire, explosion, accident,  power failure,  equipment or  systems  failure, industrial  dispute  or  anything beyond the  Publisher control.

19. The Publisher shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss, loss of profit, revenue, data or goodwill howsoever arising suffered by the Member arising under or in connection with these terms or conditions.


20. All rights not expressly granted herein are also reserved.


21. Except as may be expressly permitted under these terms and conditions, the Member shall not assign, transfer, charge, sub-license, delegate, sell or dispose of in whole or in part the Licence and the rights and obligations of the Licensee thereunder on a temporary or permanent basis without the prior written consent of the Publisher, or otherwise do anything which goes beyond the scope of the rights granted to the Member under these terms and conditions.


22. The Member agrees to promotional, transactional and commercial communications being sent to them time to time from the Publisher or its agents through email or SMS.


23. This  User  Agreement  and  its  Terms  and  Conditions  shall  be  governed  by  and  construed  in  accordance with Indian law.


24. All disputes relating to this End User Licence Agreement and its Terms and Conditions or claims arising there from will be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of courts / forums / tribunals at Delhi/Mumbai, India only.


25. Any forbearance or delay by the Publisher in enforcing any provisions of these terms and conditions or any of its rights under them shall not be construed as a waiver of such provisions or its rights thereafter to enforce the same.


26. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Please check for the latest Terms & Conditions at http:// www.legaleagleweb.com /terms & conditions