Jackie Shroff moves Delhi High Court against unauthorised use of word 'Bhidu' [14.5.2024]

Ram followed in the footsteps of Lakhan on Tuesday when Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff approached the Delhi High Court to restrain firms, social media channels, artificial intelligence (AI) apps, and GIF-making platforms from using his name, voice, image, or any other attribute without his consent.

Last year, the Delhi High Court had restrained the misuse of Anil Kapoor’s name, image, voice, and other attributes of his persona for commercial gain.

Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor played brothers in the Bollywood film "Ram Lakhan".

Shroff has also in his plea demanded that the unauthorised use of his nicknames 'Jackie', 'Jaggu Dada', and 'Bhidu' be restricted. It is protected under the personality/publicity rights and trademark law, the plea said.

“In addition to his voice, the plaintiff has unique ways of delivering his dialogues, for which the plaintiff has become popular. Certain Hindi films have become popular only because of certain signature dialogues of the plaintiff… In fact, on many occasions, the style is brought about by the plaintiff himself through improvisation on set,” the plea said.

15 May 2024