Delhi High Court fines man Rs 1 lakh for naming Lord Hanuman as co-litigant in plea [8.5.2024]

The Delhi High Court has imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on a man who listed Lord Hanuman as a co-litigant in his plea involving a temple constructed on private land.

"I never thought that God would, one day, be a litigant before me. This appears, however, thankfully, to be a case of divinity by proxy," Justice C Hari Shankar stated in the 51-page judgment issued on Monday.

The court dismissed the petition filed by 31-year-old Ankit Mishra, who challenged a lower court's ruling confirming that the temple was situated on private land owned by Suraj Malik. Mishra's plea argued that the land had become a "public temple," thereby nullifying Malik's ownership rights due to public worship there.

However, the court maintained that allowing occasional public access to the temple did not alter its private nature. The lower court's decision remained intact, affirming that the presence of a temple did not undermine the landowner's rights.

09 May 2024