Supreme Court rules all stay orders to be expired automatically within 6 months [See 2020 Legal Eagle (SC) 628)

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15th October, 2020, New Delhi

The Supreme Court today ruled all stay orders all over the country to be automatically expired in 6 months. The Court observed :

We must remind the Magistrates all over the country that in our pyramidical structure under the Constitution of India, the Supreme Court is at the Apex, and the High Courts, though not subordinate administratively, are certainly subordinate judicially. This kind of orders fly in the face of para 35 of our judgment. We expect that the Magistrates all over the country will follow our order in letter and spirit. Whatever stay has been granted by any court including the High Court automatically expires within a period of six months, and unless extension is granted for good reason, as per our judgment, within the next six months, the trial Court is, on the expiry of the first period of six months, to set a date for the trial and go ahead with the same.

17 Oct 2020